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The city of Pembroke Pines have selected Olam Med Spa as Best Med Spa in Pembroke Pines! We have the honor of being part of the 2022 edition of the Best of Pembroke Pines. We want to thank you for choosing and trusting us, for believing in our work, and for allowing us to accompany you on your beauty journey.

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Best Med Spa in Pembroke Pines


the new natural beauty

Welcome to Olam Med Spa – the spa that promotes new natural beauty. Being the best med spa Pembroke Pines has to offer, we specialize in giving you the very best version of yourself. The natural process of aging, sun exposure, ultraviolet radiation, pollutants, stress, and a host of other factors take a toll on your skin. They cause your skin to look aged through thinning, blotches, blemishes, fine lines, premature wrinkles, skin darkening, hyperpigmentation, acne, and dull skin. That is not the real version of yourself. You can reverse the signs of aging with proper care and attention.

Olam Med Spa transforms your skin, slows down the aging process, and provides you with treatment options designed to maintain, renew, and promote young, healthy, clean, and youthful skin.



Olam Med Spa provides you with exclusively designed and customized skin care treatments that are suited for your particular skin type.Every treatment that we offer at Olam Med Spa is personalized to your skin’s requirements. We take your problems, your solutions, and your needs into account and then build a treatment plan that is designed to heal and renew your skin to its youthful and glowing version. What’s more – our treatments are minimally invasive and let you get back to your routine immediately.

We believe in promoting “the new natural beauty” which aims to reverse the aging process with restoration and finding the best version of you at all times. It is a daily task that starts with self-love.

It is important for us to provide you with the best experience to care, repair, heal, delay, and roll back the signs of aging and enhance your beauty. With an artistic approach to cosmetic treatments, we produce results that look completely natural and create the most satisfaction. We are your nonsurgical choice in South Florida and one of the very best med spas in Pembroke Pines!

We stand out for having highly qualified skin care specialists and healthcare professionals, who all have a common goal to provide the best patient care, we share with you our forte and passion for getting the best version of your skin. Our combined experience in the healthcare industry totals over 10 years, this shows that we have the expertise and industry knowledge necessary to design a treatment plan especially suited for you. It aligns with your specific needs, to guarantee the attention and comfort you deserve.



Other Services


Our personalized anti-aging solutions will reverse the aging process through gentle and safe treatment, so your skin gets the sensitive and tender care it deserves. While some of our solutions provide you with instant, dazzling results, some of our treatments work overtime, and you will see your skin change, renew, and reverse over several weeks.

"Awesome experience every time! Great atmosphere and friendly, customer-oriented staff. Andrea (owner) is an amazing and super knowledgeable doctor! Definitely my favorite place to relax and get beautiful!"

Maria M.

I love Olam Med Spa and all the beautiful kind ladies who work there. They’re very professional...

Lourdes P.

If I could give 5000 stars, I would! Dr. Andrea Cardenas and her staff are simply AMAZING!!

Paula J.

Olam Med spa is the best place to go for excellent skincare! Dr. Andrea Cardenas and her staff are very courteous...

Andrea S.

I have done Botox, face fillers, laser and lip fillers all under the guidance of Andrea...

Valentina L.

Minimally invasive solutions designed to transform your skin and body.


Foreign Medical Doctor | Medical Assistant | Registered Nurse Skin Care Specialist | Anti Aging Specialist

I have been working in healthcare for over 10 years, primarily in general and pediatric medicine. I received a Masters Degree in Nursing in Miami, Florida and have worked as a skin care specialist since 2013. I entered the field of aesthetics for one simple reason, to make people happy to get the best version of their skin and to make them feel beautiful. All of this rewards me with the utmost professional satisfaction!

My philosophy on aesthetics is to restore a natural look, to slow the normal process of aging, and enhance a persons true beauty. We are outcome-driven and strive to prove to people that their investment with Olam Med Spa will deliver their needs. All new services, products, and technology we incorporate is demoed and researched to ensure results versus bringing on the latest fad. We are focused in our customers and they are our priority today and for years to come!


roll back the signs of aging

& enhance your beauty with our team

Our team of aestheticians love their job and devote their time to your skin. We pride ourselves as being part of a team of medical professionals who are in love with transforming aged, dull, and lifeless skin to incredibly clear, firm, and youthful skin.

We understand that the skin is a delicate organ that requires special care. Every individual’s skin has its unique requirements. It takes a professional to understand the skin’s unique needs.

We don’t just obsess over renewing skin – we also ensure that every treatment plan is created carefully. That’s only a part of our expertise. Everyone on our team is highly trained and specializes in skin care. We keep abreast of the latest and most successful technologies so that we can provide you with the latest professional care and hold our title as the best med spa in Pembroke Pines. We know our business well and have all it takes to ensure successful results that satisfy your needs.

Before & After

an artistic approach

to cosmetic treatments

The procedures we offer are minimally invasive and nonsurgical, yet still, produce beautiful results. Many of our clients refer us for cosmetic enhancements due to our ability to improve fine lines and wrinkles without the need for surgery.

If you are experiencing conditions like dull skin, acne, hyperpigmentation, or other facial concerns we have plenty of treatment options available that can improve and get the best version of your skin. Our mission is to perform each of our procedures in the most comfortable manner possible, starting with our complimentary consultation process. You will review expectations, possible risks, pricing, and recovery instructions for your desired procedure. You will also have photographs taken before the treatment takes place, at which time a plan will be put in place for you to receive an anti-aging regimen based on your concerns and budget.

For more information regarding our services or to schedule a consultation, please feel free to contact us and one of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

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